• Brendan created the group LA Group 3 years, 8 months ago  · 

    • Hhhm… I don’t really understand the concept of this site yet.
      It’s supposed to be a networking thing but I can’t find anyone but the creator, Mike, and the only (?!?!?!) member other than me of the Los Angeles group, Brendon? A city with 18 million people…
      How do I connect with others in my area. What if I want to connect with others from other areas as well.
      Please help, this site is not my favorite to navigate around. I only see links to Meet up groups. I’m a member of many of those already.
      I’m confused.
      I don’t even know where the best place to post this comment.

      • I agree, I was excited when this site opened, but apparently it hasn’t been marketed very well, as there is hardly anyone on it. Too bad, it’s a great idea.

      • Perhaps Mike has any comments? @developer

        • @brendan @stephanie_anne Correct, I dropped the ball on marketing while distracted by new projects, there is a lot going on. I also have no budget for advertising or anything. Others are beginning to help me with the marketing now luckily, things should pick up eventually, and you will see more emails come in then too. If you are already in many meetup groups that is awesome, I would suggest talking with others locally about whatever kind of group you want to see most and make it happen with either platform. You can reach out to the other people who have signed up here: https://losangeles.newearth.network/members-list/

          I was intending this site for local networking (mainly through Meetup style groups, but you can post services too) but am going to add more features to allow discussions across the whole site network. The service will become much more useful once I can complete mobile apps also.

          I am also curious what you would like a networking site to become. In order to promote unity in my local community I created a group I called the “New Earth Council” and discussed that a little here, we plan to leverage this website for community unity and coordination. https://newearth.network/about/starting-a-new-earth-council/

          Meetup.com groups could transition to using this site for more purposes over time, particularly if groups want to join together for discussion.

          • Thanks for getting back to me/us. Someone on FB told me this was a project in its babyshoes, which I hadn’t realized when I stated my question. I understand now. I really would love to see this thing expanding. I love the idea!!!